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A remote service specialising in the treatment of ADHD medication

ADHD Shine

I offer an all-inclusive package to start clients on their medication and support clients through their titration journey, by monitoring and adjusting the medication, to achieve the right dose and establish the best clinical response, under the care of a specialist prescriber.

My packages do not include the cost of the medication, as this will be paid at your local pharmacy when obtaining the medication, however as part of my package your prescription shall be sent to your home address via Royal Mail 24 tracked and includes up to 5 prescriptions.

You will be expected to buy your own blood pressure machine. 

We aim to respond to any emails within 48 hours, unless it is a weekend or bank holiday. 


Treatment process pathway 

We endeavour to provide an inclusive service across Northamptonshire and the wider UK, providing safe access to ADHD medication where feasible and appropriate within the confines of a small private practice.


We reserve the right to refuse clients who are more complex due to risk issues relating to mental health and/or physical health where we feel NHS services may be more suitable. 

We are able to work  with most clients who approach us, but we cannot guarantee you will be accepted. 

Please also note, that if the prescriber feels that the ADHD diagnostic report is not adequate and meet the standard required this shall be communicated back to you and most likely not accepted to start medication process. 

  • You will initially be sent a pre-medical assessment form, nurse disclaimer form, consent checklist, medication information leaflet and pre-rating medication scale to complete and return to us alongside your ADHD diagnostic report and your medical summary  which you can obtain from your GP. 

  • A nurse prescriber, will review all documents and determine suitability.

  • If suitable, an invoice will be sent to you and upon receipt of  payment, you will be offered an initial appointment with a nurse prescriber. 

  • Please have a look at my packages  below, to see what is included within each package. 

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If suitable for treatment, and would like to start on ADHD medication  you will be sent an invoice for package 1. If you are not stable on medication, by the time package 1 ends, you will be sent payment an invoice for package 2 on a monthly basis until stable on medication. Your care shall be transferred to your GP once you have reached therapeutic dose under a shared care agreement for continuity of ADHD medication. Although most GP's do accept this, it is not always guaranteed as they are under no obligation to do so.  We strongly advise you contact your GP  prior to starting medication regarding the Share Care Agreement, and you will also receive an introductory letter that outlines who we are and the titration process to show to your GP in support of agreeing to the shared care agreement. 


 Medication Initiation and Titration- 12 years+

8 weeks (2 months)


5 Non-Medical Prescriber (NMP) appointments with your treatment plan, including:  


medication initiation appointment, 30-minute appointments


follow up reviews 15-minute appointments


final discharge review 15-minute appointments

up to 5 prescriptions and all prescriptions shall be sent to your home address via Royal Mail 24 tracked 



You will need to submit BP, pulse, weight, side effects form during your treatment pathway.



Final prescription of 14 days at time of discharge if we required.


When stable on medication at therapeutic dose, your care will be transferred to your GP under Shared Care Agreement. 


You will also receive a travel letter and supporting letter 


Additional follow up medication reviews

pay as you go appointments

£100 per appointment up to 30minutes

If therapeutic dose is not reached within the 2 months package, you will  be offered pay as you go appointments to get you stable on your medication. 

This is at a discounted price, and only applies to clients who were treated under package 1 initially.

When stable on medication at therapeutic dose, your care will be transferred to your GP under Shared Care Agreement.

You will also receive a travel letter and supporting letter 

Additional Charges:  

We can offer ADHD Annual  and/or 6 monthly reviews with an NMP required as part of the Shared Care agreement ( up to 30 mins)


Ad-hoc support once discharge via email


If GP is unable to prescribe the medication, under a shared care agreement, we can offer this service for you as follows, Ongoing Repeat Prescription


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